WTF Canon EOS R, 1.7x crop on a Full Frame???

I have a love hate relationship with Canon as their camera's has always been very innovative, yet every release has some major flaw, not just a small nitpick that you could be OK with, but a major flaw.

What are your thoughts about the new Canon EOS R?

Honestly this could have been THE Canon camera that could have saved Canon as it be the First Full Frame Mirrorless with a proper Flip-out screen, Dual Pixel Autofocus, Super fast zoom lenses of 28-70mm f2 and awesome adapter with Variable ND. A lot of things great for Filmmakers, Youtubers and Vloggers. However the one simple thing they only needed to do right was to make it a Full Frame Full sensor read out 4k, as many other brands have this already especially Sony been doing it for years. Also its the same sensor as the Canon 5DIV which on release had the same 1.7x crop problem, Canon did fixed it later with a 1.3x firmware update, but why not make it 1.3x crop from the start. Plus 5DIV is almost 2 years old now, how could Canon not have developed a fix for this in this long period and even gone backwards. For now I can't see me buying this EOS R and am quite looking forward to what Panasonic got up their sleeves for a Full Frame camera, as if it got all what is in a GH5 but in a Full Frame format, I would directly pre-order it like I did with the GH5.

This video was filmed with:
Panasonic G7 -
Panasonic 12mm f2  -
Rode Videomic Pro+ -
Yongnuo YN360 -
Manfrotto Compact Action -
Manfrotto Befree Live -

Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro -

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