Tilta Nucleus Nano II 3d Print Mod


So you bought a Tilta Nucleus Nano II but having trouble nailing your focus? Annoyed by accidentally swiping the screen and suddenly can’t focus? Missing that marker ring?

Here is my solution, a 3D printed Nano II mod! It's an easy install. And you can add swappable marker rings.

I am Chung Dha, I am a Focus Puller from the Netherlands and I have been using the Nano II for several months now and have used this setup on multiple films and commercial projects. The mod makes the Nano II into a budget ARRI or C-Motion remote.

As the mod makes the knob of the Nano II as big as the Arri and Cmotion remotes. Also allows you to use the marker rings from Arri and c-motion on the Nano II.

The larger size not only gives you a better hold, but also makes it easier to do more precise focussing. It raises your hand and palm away from the touchscreen to avoid accidentally swiping the touch screen.

There is also a focus indicator if you use the Nano II in a Focus station setup. I suggest getting the NiceyRig Nato 15mm rod clamp which I use on my Focus station.

If you want to get this mod, there is a link to Cult3d where you can purchase the STL files and if you don’t have access to a 3d printer. You can print it via Craftcloud3d where you can find a company to print for you and ship the item to your doorsteps.