About me

Name: Chung Dha Lam
Chinese: 林俊達
Gender: male
Born: 03/06/1985
Country: The Netherlands

Chung Dha is a designer from the Netherlands. He studied Packaging Design/ Graphic Design and joined different contest to explore his designing abilities, also he do freelance designs for companies and started his own design company Chung Dha. He went to Hong Kong to setup a brand and now have won a Cinematography and movie editing award while he was at it.

2001 - I got my Mavo-D diploma at Aquamarijn Reviusplein.

2002 - I joined Gp500store.co.uk with the nickname LaZy_tJaI. Where I soon learned allot of photo editing skills with Paint Shop Pro and from a friend called GAP. I soon became a well known texture skinner in the community.

Later changed from Paint Shop Pro to Adobe Photoshop to improve my skills in photo editing. Later learned skills to convert models from SEM and Mautorex. And learned 3d studio Max from online tutorials. And made different models and most famed for making helmet models.

This year I went to pre-police academy to train my self so I could join the Police force. But in my free time I became more attracted to the designing things for games. I finished that year and got a diploma but did not applied at the police force.

2003 - I worked as a freelance designer for http://www.brandmerk.com/ where I got the first taste of graphic design in a real company. The first logo I sold was also the logo for this company. This year I also went to study at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and was aiming for Animations and Games, but due to too much lessons which I did not needed I left.

2004 - I went to Delft to study Industrial Design at Mon3aan, where I learned problem solving, product design and materials. Studied 2 years before I heard the diploma was for mechanical engineering instead of Industrial Design.

2006 - I found out Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam got a new study direction for Packaging Design and went to study there. This year they improved with much better lesson programs.

2007 - In the summer I joined Design Contest.net and soon became one of the Design Team Members. At Design Contest I could compete with the contests to test my own designing abilities and learn to improve my skills in designing. Also soon won in a contest to design a t-shirt for NFME F-Body Event in Memphis 2008. I also started this blog at the same time when I joined the Design Contest.

2008 - Started well and I won a logo contest directly and it was also my first time I won in a logo contest. The logo is for CircleOfArtists.com and also for Kings Poker.
Also I've been approached by Good Web Practise to design a new logo for their website.

After publishing a post of a bottle prototype I've made with using sliceform technique, I've been contacted by Computer Arts to make a tutorial about it for the special Packaging Design edition.

In the spring I had contact with a friend of mine Arkady from the GP500store days , who actually does game textures for a game called MotoGP08 and ask me if I wanted to join his team. I first gone into a test and actually passed it and also did it well with the needed time. Then I got the job to do the low helmet resolutions textures of the game for the Wii and Playstation 2. I textures allot of the riders from fairly unknown one to the top rider like Rossi, Stoner, Pedrosa and more.

Begin summer started my own design company Chung Dha and officially registered it as a company. Had a summer internship at Jackson Chang in Den Hague.

End of the summer I became a moderator at Design Contest.

In the winter joined a major packaging design contest held by one of Europes biggest packaging company SCA packaging. Only 90 entrees were submitted from all across the world, and in februari of 2009 a shortlist of 5 designers will be choosen to get 2 more weeks to improve his design in a workshop within the design centre of SCA packaging.

2009 - Embarked on a new journey on the opposite side of the world and moved to Hong Kong to have a better environment for my health and also to be able to design for Asian companies.

And who knows what the future beholds, but I am sure I will be very busy doing allot of designs.

March started own brand called Dai Fu Lou which is setup with partner Alan Leung.

18 to 20 September Chung Dha Design had a booth at the International Original Design Fair - IODF which was held at Shenzhen, China. At this fair Chung Dha displayed his brand Dai Fu Lou and on the last day showed his packaging works.

30 October till 1 November Chung Dha joined up with a team and filmed a short movie which entered the 48 hours film project, which gotten awarded for best Cinematography and best movie editing awards which are both the jobs that Chung Dha helped with on the set of this short movie called the Art of flying.

November/December helped out filming a feature film called the Jogger. Shot my very first own short movie called Angel's Contract but also started working on Documentary of a reborn star called Race Wong. Worked NYE at Alive Not Dead party as official photographer and had the job to lead the celebs and take their pictures.

2010 - Did cinematography and my first cameo for a short movie called "The Arrangement" that entered the Bollywood festival in Australia and passed through to the 2nd round. Started shooting webisode called Banana's for Bandana's and also shot a movie for Japanese competition called Monkey Gun.

March returned to Holland after being in Hong Kong for a whole year and learning allot but had to face the fact it was hard to survive. Now on a mission to study AV and Film to become a better cinematographer.

Programs skills:
Adobe Creative Suit / Dreamweaver / Flash / Illustrator / Indesign / Photoshop
Autodesk 3d Studio Max / Inventor / Studio Tools
Demicron Wirefusion
Electric Rain Swift 3d
Final Cut Pro
High Logic Fontcreator
Microsoft Office / Acces /Excel /Powerpoint / Visio / Words
Paint Shop Pro
Rhinoceros / Flamingo
Righthemisphere Deep Explorations
Sony Vegas

Skilled in:
Brand name developing / logo design / website design / letter design / envelop design / business card design / packaging design / product design / promotional design
Bitmap vectorizing / photo vectorizing / sketch vectorizing
Cinematography / director of photography / director of audiography / camera man / lighting /
Marketing strategies / research / development / trend watching / product reviews
Photographing nature / macro / product / studio / sports / events
Paper craft / pop-up cards /origami / curved folding / tessellation folds
Problem analyzing / solving
3d modeling / rendering

Camera skilled in:
Canon EOS 500D / 7D / 5D markII /
Sony PMW-EX1 / HVR-Z1 / DSR-570