Anibizcard color testing

Made an easy name to call these cards instead of calling it Animated Business cards which is a mouthfull, I now will call them Anibizcards. I've been trying to test what colors are good to work with and if full color is possible. Found out full color is too hard to get in it too work. And a black raster actually removes the colors making the animation gray scaled. The colors to be avoided are light colors , this animation seem to be really made for good use of dark light contrast. On these cards I have putted the logo of Red Dot awards which is an award for designs.

I think I can use maximum 2 colors plus extra a black color and the most depends on which colored raster I would be using. Also now I know the rasters blend or actually filters the colors means allot of color combinations do not work correct with certain colored rasters.

Check the video after the break.

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