Foam sponge spray / packaging concept

This have been on my mind a while because I know there are allot of thinks packed with foam or sponges which catches the G forces and prevent your packaging from breaking however I never seen any development of a special kind of spray that could instantly make those foams and be a very fast packaging material. Because foams can be sprayed out of a can, because there already exist such a thing and that is PUR foam which are mostly used to fill the walls an insulator. Also I know allot of people like to use this material to make designs with is or fill use a weak material that can be enclosed to strengthen it.

However PUR foam is too hard and too strong. I once had an idea to spray PUR foam on a surface and let it dry and then cut a shape out of the foam to make a prototype, but the material is so hard that it too way to much work and time to cut it away. What I am searching is a foam which is much softer that is closely related to foams which is soft to absorb collisions but is soft enough to cut into or tear open.

This is the concepts you have a first here a glass ball you want to package which need allot of protection. First it will be places into a plastic bag which will not be tied to see or anything just rotate it close and also all the air sucked out. This bag is to protect the object from the foam because allot of material might not want to have in contact with the foam or electronics. The plastic bag have a special designed not to be elastic and must be easy to tear. Then you spray with a special cannister the special quick drying foam onto you object. This foam will project the object, it will be soft and flexible like a sponge. Depending if you want the surface to look smooth you can cut the foam easily because it is soft, but not recommend to so the thickness will be strong to project your product. Then when you wan to open this special foam packaging you just have to tear from the plastic opening, there will be special cut already so you can tear this open like peeling an orange.

I think this is very possible with todays technology, however the big problem how sustainable is this design. If someone would invent this special foam with if be of biodegradable and natures products? This is just the major things about this, however I am not a chemist so I am not sure about this part. But possibility is that this could be made biodegradable, because I know there are already biodegradable foams already that exist. Another thing is that I don't know if there is a market for this, however from the aspect as I see it is a easy to apply to any form or shaped object and also very easy peeling system to open the packaging.

But who know this might be a great packaging of the future, if this was on the market I would really want to try it out and see if it works.


What a beautiful packing it is having. Looking much more attractive after it’s packaging and the most important thing is that the product is safe and being well maintained by others and much easier to carry. The products are being very much risky so better it has a good kind of packaging so that it remains safe.

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