New Aloe Vera King / Review

Aloe Vera King
Actually I reviewed this drink and packaging a few years back, back then it had a particular standard bottle as other Aloe Vera beverages. However today I went a shop where mostly allot of new stuff are sold before they hit the bigger superstores. The restyling is pretty good actually and looks less cheap. However have to say its still not much of a beverage look, I can still put it between the gardener section and sell it as kind of special fertilizer for Aloe vera plants. However I have to say it does stand out now with a better bottle design and not using the standard bottle as the other brands. Have to say its now probably one of the better designs between the other Aloe vera drinks.

As I can see they designer did his best to keep allot the things in the original design while making it look much better and less cheap. However the graphics shows again too much of the plant and not showing that is it a beverage, especially just one small thing show its a drink cause it says Aloe Drink. Just some splashes of water would probably do it. Or they should just not include the plant but just show splashes with the bits of aloe vera which on the Nestea Aloe vera lemon tea, where it looks more like a real beverage and nothing close to any gardener stuff.

Taste wise it seem to have change a little especially its less sweet and that made it somehow more refreshing just a little Aloe Vera taste which is not very overwhelming, but this way its very refreshing to drink it. Cause the other ones are quite sweet or got overwhelming aloe vera taste and taste much better as a mix, but this one is pretty good to drink on its own.